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Technical Notepad – KNXY Ideal Performance Calculations


Potassium Nitrate-Xylitol 65/35 O/F ratio @ 1000 psi chamber pressure

From Propep results, for 100 gram mixture:

Mole fractions and mass fractions for each significant combustion product are calculated in the table below:

The specific heat at constant pressure for gas products (Cp) and for condensed-phase products (Cs) are shown in the table below. From these, the specific heats are calculated for gas-only products and for the gas/condensed-phase mixture.

The table below provides a summary of the thermochemical properties and ideal performance characteristics:

Note: calculation details for all thermochemical properties and performance parameters shown above are found in the Theory, 2-phase Flow web page.




Originally posted March 9, 2023

Last updated March 9, 2023

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