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Technical Notepad – RNX-57 Ideal Performance Calculations


RNX-57 @ 1000 psi chamber pressure

From Propep results, for 100 gram mixture:

Mole fractions and mass fractions for each significant combustion product are calculated in the table below.

In the table above, iron (Fe) is included even though the quantity is negligible. This is to allow direct comparison with RNX-71V.

The specific heat at constant pressure for gas products (Cp) and for condensed-phase products (Cs) are shown in the table below. From these, the specific heats are calculated for gas-only products and for the gas/condensed-phase mixture.

The table below provides a summary of the thermochemical properties and ideal performance characteristics:

Note: calculation details for all thermochemical properties and performance parameters shown above are found in the Theory, 2-phase Flow web page.




Originally posted March 14, 2023

Last updated March 14, 2023

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