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kAPPA-DX  Rocket Motor

Preliminary Design Concept

  • Introduction
  • Basic dimensions
  • Cutaway view
  • Nozzle drawing
  • Kn data
  • Chamber pressure data
  • Performance data

  • Introduction

    The preliminary design data for the kAPPA-DX rocket motor is presented in this web page.
    The kAPPA-DX is the KN-Dextrose powered version of the kAPPA solid propellant motor. Projected variants are the kAPPA-SO and the kAPPA-SU motors, powered by KN-Sorbitol and KN-Sucrose, respectively.
    The projected total impulse of this motor is 2000 N-sec, which categorizes it as a "K" class motor.

    This objectives of developing this rocket motor are :

    Basic motor info

    Figure 1 -- Basic dimensions and data

    Cutaway view

    Figure 2 -- Section A-A, cutaway view of motor

    Detail of nozzle entrance region

    Figure 3 --Detail of nozzle entrance region

    Detail of nozzle

    Figure 4 --Nozzle

    The nozzle has been recently fabricated. Click for photo...

    Detail of bulkhead

    Figure 5 -- Nozzle details

    Detail of bulkhead

    Figure 6 -- Details of Pressure Bulkhead

    The following images are excerpts from the Excel spreadsheet that was utilized in the design of the motor:

    Kn calcs

    Figure 7 -- Basic design data and Kn calculation

    Kn graph

    Figure 8 -- Plot of Kn and web thickness

    Pressure calcs

    Figure 9 -- Pressure calculation basic data

    Pressure graphs

    Figure 10 -- Plots of chamber pressure v.s. time

    Perf. calcs.

    Figure 11 --Data for performance calculations

    Perf. plots

    Figure 12 --Plots of thrust v.s. time

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