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PHOTO 83-- Flight C-30 : October 24, 1982

Inaugural flight of the C-400 motor (note that the launch pad was located at a lower elevation and as such, the classic base "smoke cloud" is not visible in this photo).
Liftoff from the pad was noticeable slower than previous flights (due to greater mass), but burnout velocity appeared to be significantly faster. The rocket, which was clearly visible the entire flight due to the low, but bright sun, climbed very high, estimated at 2800 feet (850 metres). Seventeen seconds after liftoff, the parachute was sighted, and three seconds later a faint "pop" sound of the ejection charge was heard, delayed by the distance. To our chagrin, however, it soon became apparent that the rocket had broken away from the parachute, and was seen tumbling earthward...

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