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PHOTO 74-- Flight C-19 : July 11, 1981

A new rocket and motor were constructed, and Flight C-19 took to the skies just a shade over a year later. Unfortunately, time had not dissipated the air of misfortune, and this flight was also stricken. After climbing a few hundred feet, the rocket suddenly began to tumble end-over-end while the motor was still firing. This tumbling continued after burnout, and the rocket rose to about 400 feet (120 metres).
Once the rocket peaked and began to descend, the rocket stabilized in a horizontal attitude, which greatly restricted the speed at which it fell. Some seconds after hitting the ground, the ejection charge fired (triggered by the backup timer), discharging the parachute!
Damage to the rocket was minor. The reason for the instability was simply that the fins were undersized.

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