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PHOTO 59 -- Flight C-12 : July 8, 1979

The rocket for Flight C-12 was, without question, the oddest looking rocket I ever put together! (the rocket is not sitting on its launch pad, by the way...)
The white section of the fuselage with numerous holes is an experimental "smoke charge"module, which was intended as a tracking aide.
The flap for the air-speed switch is clearly visible, taped flush to the side of the fuselage (the tape was removed prior to flight). Also visible in this photo are the two pairs of launch lugs (2 upper; 2 lower). Although only one pair was actually used, the second pair provided for aerodynamic balance.
This rocket, which had an overall length of 26 in. (66 cm.) and a mass of 1.67 kg., was lofted by a 160 gram propellant grain in a B-200 motor...

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