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PHOTO 53 -- Flight C-7 : August 12, 1973

After the loss of the rocket from the preceding flight, a new rocket was constructed, incorporating many design improvements. The nosecone, for example, was made of cast polyester resin.
This rocket was 33 inches (83 cm.) long, and had a mass of 4.1 lbs (1.9 kg.) and was powered by the B-200 motor.
In the photo, the air-speed switch external vane is visible (in the white section). Also visible is the ignition box (SCR based circuit) and associated wiring. Power for rocket motor ignition came from a 6V wet cell (motorcycle) battery. This wet-cell had great current-delivering capacity, but was later replaced by less messy nicads (I'd gotten tired of holes being burned in my car trunk carpet from spilled acid!)...

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