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PHOTO 44 -- Flight B-3 : May 7, 1972

This rocket was equipped with an experimental "pendulum switch" being considered as a method for triggering parachute ejection. This concept was based on the näive notion that the pendulum would "fall over" as the rocket turned at the peak of the trajectory. The rocket was equipped with a small smoke charge that was intended to be ignited at the peak, as it was not equipped with a parachute. Since the flight was intentionally a "ballistic" one, the upper fuselage was built from thick walled cardboard to absorb the shock of impact. The motor was only partly filled with propellant to restrict the altitude.
The rocket flew to about 300 feet (91 metres) altitude, and landed about 100 feet (30 metres) from the launch pad. The smoke charge did not ignite.

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